Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 2

A productive day. Inventory completed. All equipment and supplies accounted for. Meeting with host and hospital personnel done. All activities/presentations confirmed. At the end of the day,  awesome guacamole (under Jaime's direction) was made to complement clay oven baked pizzas! Tomorrow, we have an appointment at the hospital for the official tour.

After doing the inventory, making children's goodie bags for the oral  health screening. 
Tanya and Amy comparing notes as to which room contains what supplies.
Devon and Sarah folding pamphlets for the goodie bags. 
Finalizing plans with our host coordinator, Glades. 
Confirming schedules and use of hospital facilities with the assistant director.
Meeting Dr. Hidalgo, hospital director @ the Hospital General. 
At the office of Dr. Hidalgo, finalizing plans.
How many dental  hygiene students does it take to make a bowl of guacamole?
Apparently at least 7. Jaime taking the lead on this. Yummy!

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