Monday, June 2, 2014

tres dias en la hospital....

We were exhausted but very satisfied of the work that we did. The most difficult part of being in the hospital was to turn away many people as we could not accommodate everyone with our limited space and resources. We appreciate that they valued their oral health enough to at least be curious about getting an appointment. Glades was always busy on her phone and on the premises talking and strategizing as to how we can squeeze more people in very tight quarters. Here are many pictures of our three days in the hospital.

Waiting for the key to the dental clinic prior to set up.

We were ready and prepared the following morning. Here Danika knows that a dull instrument will
only be a hindrance to her work.

So she is sharpening away while Maria prepares the ultrasonic machine.

Heather also understands the value of a sharp instrument.

Dallas was in charge in setting up the portable suctions.

Working in pairs, the students took turns in working with our patients.

Folding lounge chairs. Check. Pillows to sit on. Check. Red plastic cup to spit in. Check. Then we're ready!

Thank you to Kindness in Action for the use of the ultrasonic machines. The cases also made great tables!

We rotated through three chairs, one of which is this 30+ year old dental chair with a non-working light!

Danika exhibiting good posture. Siarra assisting.

Heather and Rachelle working nicely together.

The cords are always a problem...more challenging in Mexico.

Busy clinic.

Rachelle ready to "mine" some calculus! ;-)

Day 1 completed. All smiles...okay...maybe three smiles! 

Later that evening, we celebrated Dallas' birthday at the local pizzeria! Yes, pizza in San Pancho at  Darjeeling. The best!

Live music, pizza, and cocktails. Happy birthday Dallas!

The next day, the clinic was overflowing. We saw patients in the back hallway of the hospital.

A succession of children entered the clinic with their parents.

All our patients received lots of focused attention.

A very patient child waiting for his mama.

The waiting was just too he decided to fall asleep.
Heather and Dallas teamed up today!

Jenna up and ready today!

Another happy and satisfied customer! Way to go Dallas and Heather.

Literally, there was no room to move. We were very cautious as there was a high risk of knocking things over.

End of Day 2. Peace out!

As Maria massages Heather's shoulders (no worries- those are clean gloves), Dallas and Danika share a laugh. Siarra, I think is contemplating about her day.

No rest for the weary, Day 3 was busy right from the get go. We created a 4th chair so that Siarra can screen this client.

Saving the back, Jenna kneels down to work on Quadrant 2.

Where there is room, there is an opportunity to work on somebody.

Siarra using her right arm as her patient's head rest. Worked!

Our 9am patients! Happy campers in the end.

A quick 30 minute lunch before we head out for our afternoon session.

This small room was most desirable because of the well-working air-conditioner.
This time, Rachelle and Maria were teammates.

Starting to clean up at the end of the day.

Taking inventory and more cleaning.

The portable suction clean up crew!

With two more school presentations, good to know we have lots of gloves left.


  1. Congratulations on a job well done! Working under such 'unique' circumstances can sometimes be a monumental challenge, but also incredibly rewarding. Your smiling faces are proof of that!
    A HUGE thanks to Ada for 'pulling off' another successful Field School providing Camosun students with such a rich learning experience. Your leadership, energy, and organizational skills are what have made the Field School possible.
    Safe travels home everyone!

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