Sunday, April 22, 2012

Arrived in San Pancho yesterday...

Our bags were thoroughly inspected by the Mexican customs officers but none confiscated. They asked questions regarding the costs of the equipment that we were bringing in and to see a document of where we were going to be. We provided both and they sent us on our way.

A short stop at Bucerias to pick up a few supplies, a slow drive to San Pancho, and we were there by suppertime. The non-stop flight to PVR seems shorter this year. It was a balmy 28 degrees when we arrived. This was a welcomed change from the 9 degrees that we left in Victoria.

Aisle 19 

Scarves and jackets are put away for four weeks!
 Katie will be joining us  the next day.

Entering the town of San Pancho.

Meryl and Coreen trying out sun hats at the Malecon.

On our walk this morning, we stopped to see the inside of the Catholic church.

Pre-breakfast morning walk.

Back at the hotel to organize supplies.

Leandra is having too much fun putting client gloves away.

Katie joined us today.

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